Our aim in this instance is for you to improve your Spanish. To this end, we will provide different materials depending on the activity. For listening activities, we’ll work with sound recordings, videos & music to train your ear, while writing activities will allow you to improve your skills through exercises and compositions. Our reading comprehension classes will let you move on from simple texts and short stories and open the doors leading to the great works of Latin American Literature! The materials for all these activities are available on our e-learning platform (moodle.org).

Once a week you’ll engage in conversation classes via Skype with a schedule previously arranged with your tutor. In this instance, you’ll not only practice your Spanish but also ask any questions you may have. Common topics: Latin America, customs & traditions. Courses are designed to last 4 weeks and then you’ll advance to the next level. You can also have conversations with other students who are at the same level.